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Color Theory Video Course

Color Theory Video Course

Are you a spray tan artist looking to strengthen your understanding of Color Theory and how to use the color wheel to spray tan your clients? Then you've come to the right place! At the beginning of my career there was little to no information on Color Theory and how it relates to spray tanning. It took me forever to understand how to use my knowledge of the color wheel to spray tan my clients. That's why I designed this course with artists like you in mind who are looking to offer a fully customizable spray tan experience for your clients. This video course covers 2 different techniques and ways to spray tan:The Universal Way vs. The Color Theory Way. In the video modules we will cover a basic understanding of:  

-What is Color Theory

-What are undertones?

-How to determine a clients undertone (with celebrity examples)

-Basic understanding of the color wheel (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Colors)

-How to use the color wheel to choose the appropriate bronzer base color + examples of solutions to use and a discount code for future purchases

-4 strategies to help identify a clients undertone

-The Universal way to spray tan vs The Color Theory way

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