How long does a spray tan typically last?

A spray tan typically lasts 7-10 days depending on how well you take care of it. (i.e. avoiding hot water & being submerged in water for long periods of time, making sure you are gentle on your skin, and staying super moisturized).

What is the difference between a rapid & regular spray tan?

A rapid spray tan allows you to shower sooner. With this option, you can take your first shower 2-4 hours after your spray tan. With a regular spray tan, you must wait 6-12 hours. However, waiting the full development time is always recommend! The color and shades of the two options are completely the same, the only difference is the development time (i.e. how long you must wait before taking your first shower). 

When should you get a spray tan before an event?

It is always recommended to get a spray 1-2 days before a trip and 2-3 before a special event. Getting your spray tan a day or two before a trip is best so the tan lasts the entirety of the trip. It is best to get your spray 2-3 days before a special event since the tan hits its best color between the 3-5 day mark after having gotten a few showers in.

Can I work out after a spray tan?

Yes! As long as you get one shower in to rinse off the cosmetic makeup layer you are fine to work out after getting sprayed.

If I shower early will I have the same color results as when I left the appointment?

No. Essentially, showering stops the development process, so leaving the tan on as long as possible is always best to get the most color our of your spray tan.

Will the spray tan transfer on to white clothes?

Yes and no. After about two or three showers, the tan should not transfer on to white clothes. However, if you sweat excessively (i.e. high intensity workouts), this will activate the tan & cause the tan to transfer.

Can I get waxed after a spray tan?

No. You always want to get waxed a day or two prior to getting a spray tan. Otherwise, the wax will take off the tan.

Can I put on body oils or get a massage?

Oils or anything with an oil base strips away at the spray tan overtime so it is best to avoid any oil based products or getting massages (since they use oils) while you have a spray tan.

Can I get my nails done after a spray tan?

Yes and no. Getting a manicure is fine, but it is best to get a pedicure ahead of time since it involves soaking in water and using beaded scrubs/ exfoliating.

Can I sunburn with a spray tan?

Yes. It is easy to think a spray tan acts as a barrier to the sun but it does not. You are just as likely to burning with a spray tan as without. So be sure to remember to wear sunscreen!

What should I wear to my appointment?

Clients should come to their appointment in loose dark clothing. Always try to avoid wearing anything tight like leggings or jeans which can rub off the tan.

Can I get a spray tan after getting my eyelashes done?

Yes. The spray tan does not effect eyelash extensions since the solution does not have oil in it.